One of Every Color-Not A Sample- Screen Print Confetti

One of Every Color-Not A Sample- Screen Print Confetti

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**Screen print confetti/sprinkles REQUIRES a heat press. Irons cannot be used. An EasyPress is not recommended.***

❤What Am I Buying?❤

-THIRTEEN one ounce by weight (3 ounces by volume) bags OR bottles of screen print confetti

-Image is for advertisement purposes only. As such, colors may vary from monitor to monitor. Please see pantone color below for a more accurate color representation.

-Color: One of every color! To include: White, Red, Black, Orange, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Turquoise, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, and Purple.

💙Stuff You Should Know💙

-You MUST have a heat press to use these sprinkles

-You MUST use a cover sheet over the sprinkles as all sprinkles may not stick. Some sprinkles will stick to the sheet. Heavy pressure helps with this!

-Because this is a handmade craft supply, not all sprinkles will be the same size. As such, not all sprinkles will fit through the holes in the cap of the shaker bottle. If this happens, remove the top and sprinkle by hand or rub between your fingers to break up the larger chunk.

-Sprinkles can be used on all shirt types. Instructions for use may vary temp wise if you are using them on a sensitive material.

💚How To Use💚
Temperature: 325°F / 163°C
Pressure: 50-60 psi -#7 or heavy pressure
1. Preheat your garment for 7-10 seconds to remove excess moisture
2. Splatter sprinkles on the garment
***COVER*** the sprinkles with a cover sheet of some kind, then
3. Press for 7 - 10 seconds
4. Peel hot
-There's a chance some sprinkles may not stick. They are one-sided. Those that land up instead of down may end up on your cover sheet instead of the garment-
*If you own a bargain type press, you may need to increase the temp by 10°
*Cricut EasyPress and a home iron will NOT work with sprinkles

Washing instructions: Allow 24-48 hours to allow the garment to completely cure before washing. Wash inside out in cold water. Tumble dry low heat.

💜The Boring but Important Stuff💜
-Not for consumption. Do not eat or allow your animals to eat!